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Highlighting the features in AgilePoint NX 7.0.

More than 200+ new features added.

Access more than 50 FREE application templates to jump-start your success.

AgilePoint App store

With the introduction of the enterprise application store in release 7.0, AgilePoint NX has evolved into a digital ecosystem. Enterprises can purchase readily available applications and process templates.

From early 2019, third-party developers will be able to sell their applications and process templates on the App store.

These applications and templates are based on best practices for the target areas. By adopting these process templates, enterprises can avoid reinventing the wheel. Many of the process templates available in the store at the launch of V7 systematize standard methodologies in various disciplines and industries.

The app store, at the launch of V7 includes more than 50 FREE application templates designed for multiple domains.  These including the following:

  • ✓ Data Analytics
  • ✓ Marketing
  • ✓ SalesTraining
  • ✓ Communication
  • ✓ Project Management
  • ✓ Business Development
  • ✓ Engineering
  • ✓ General Business
  • ✓ Information Technology
  • ✓ Manufacturing
  • ✓ Accounting and Finance
  • ✓ Administration
  • ✓ General Business
  • ✓ Procurement

Form based data driven applications

Most applications today are form based and do not involve workflow. AgilePoint NX 7.0 includes Forms-as-a-Service (FaaS). This enables citizen developers to easily create form based applications. Data in form based applications can originate in any SQL database (Oracle, My SQL, MS SQL Server, etc.), AgilePoint NX’s inbuilt data entities, Salesforce entities and SharePoint entities.

Enterprises can rapidly replace hundreds of custom and non-portable UI based apps, such as InfoPath apps.  Non-technical users can build future-proof apps, which are not tied to any platform, device or channel. They can be embedded in mobile apps, web pages, other form pages, portals, SharePoint apps, Salesforce apps and more.

  • ✓ Powerful lookup functionality enables data to be brought into the form from multiple third-party systems without coding
  • ✓ Create rich and powerful custom widgets (portlets), which can be embedded in portal pages
  • ✓ Define role-based custom views for consuming data with customized search support
  • ✓ Customize business entities and tailor the user experience to specific roles with a drag-and-drop designer
  • ✓ Automatically generate responsive applications that can run on any device with your data model
  • ✓ Build data-driven apps quickly with a drag-and-drop approach to app design

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Page builder

In today’s organizations, teams and departments are looking for empowerment – the ability to rapidly build their own web pages – without depending on IT.

  • ✓ Pages built with AgilePoint NX 7.0 can include images, videos, animations, feeds, forms, widgets, etc. They can be integrated with the existing business apps and business data
  • ✓ Since development is based on a click-to-add approach, the user need not use any IDE (Integrated Development Environment) or learn any programming language (JSP, ASP, PHP, etc.)
  • ✓ With AgilePoint NX 7.0, citizen developers can create customized web pages based on corporate UX and branding guidelines

Mobile App Accelerator (MAA)

The Mobile App Accelerator solves these challenges by generating native IOS apps, Windows phone apps, and Android apps from existing NX apps in minutes, with zero coding.

Users can create enterprise mobile apps with their company name and customize the app with logos, colors and images to match their company’s branding. Apps can be built for the official app store of IOS/Android/Windows phone, Microsoft InTune or private devices. NX generated mobile apps can be pre-configured for enterprise employees with org-wide settings or with department specific settings.  The Mobile App Accelerator enables the rollout of apps to users over the air (OTA) via secure deployment through Mobile Device Management (MDM) using Microsoft InTune.

Given the obvious benefits, reliance on mobile technologies will continue to grow. Mobility does present a variety of challenges:

  • ✓ The on-boarding of separate development teams for each mobile platform
  • ✓ Management of app rollouts
  • ✓ The management of app submissions to stores
  • ✓ Alignment with corporate UX and branding guidelines
  • ✓ The procurement of build servers, mobile devices and other infrastructure components for app development
  • ✓ Post rollout management of app configuration
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Stormproofing digital-transformation

The simultaneous convergence of several disruptive technologies has resulted in a sort of digital storm, which is causing organizational chaos. With legacy modernization, cloud-service adoption, and the deluge of new technologies that must be accounted for all hitting at once, how do you effectively transform while the storm is constantly re-arranging the IT topography? Read the full story now…

Bot applications

Recently, the complexity of tasks and use cases of bot applications have grown significantly.  By using intelligent bots, enterprises can improve customer engagement from many channels, such as Skype, websites, apps, and mobile devices.  Bots can feed data to workflows, helping in business operations and decision making.

NX 7.0 introduces the following bot capabilities:

  • ✓ Facilitate team collaboration
  • ✓ Create conversation through multiple channels such as Skype for Business, Cortana, Teams, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Slack and more
  • ✓ Kick-off processes through bots
  • ✓ Facilitate bi-directional live communication between the user and the process. The user input can change the routing of the business process
  • ✓ Drive engaging conversations through text and voice
  • ✓ Include videos, audios, images, animations, etc in the conversation

Cognitive Capability

Cognitive Capability is fundamentally reinventing the way business apps function. This technology transformation includes the understanding and interpretation of unstructured data, learning from past experience to improve current tasks and engaging with humans to improve interaction and experience.

NX 7.0 brings in the following cognitive capabilities as workflow actions:

  • ✓ Image analysis
  • ✓ Facial recognition
  • ✓ Generating thumbnails from images
  • ✓ Key phrase extraction
  • ✓ Language detection
  • ✓ Reading handwritten text from images
  • ✓ Text moderation
  • ✓ Reading text from images
  • ✓ Sentiment analysis


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