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As an IT Manager today, your challenge exists in accommodating the needs of ‘the business’, without stretching resources and/or strain on IT legacy. So how do you empower business users to turn their ideas into a working business application themselves? How do you become a more agile organisation, prepared to adapt continually to this fast changing environment? AgilePoint facilitates a build once, use many times approach and allows building secure, agile, scalable and affordable BPMS applications. These include multi-tenant SaaS apps, IoT (Internet of Things) apps and mobile apps to automate workflows and processes, improve enterprise efficiency and enhance customer experience.


AgilePoint NX allows IT to build new software assets up to ten times faster than they can by hand coding. AgilePoint NX application models are easy to understand and easy to maintain.


AgilePoint NX allows you to quickly build enterprise class applications that will run seamlessly on mobile devices. AgilePoint’s eforms designer lets you create forms utilizing 60+ control types (including Telerik controls).


AgilePoint NX uniquely combines a leading, general purpose low-code platform with enterprise-class BPM capabilities in a web scale, platform-as-a-service (PaaS) architecture.


AgilePoint NX is flexible and integrates with 3rd party systems in use in today’s enterprise, such as Salesforce, SharePoint, Office 365, Dynamics CRM, NetSuite, etc.

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Build great frontends

It’s all about user experience. Develop engaging application interfaces in a fraction of the time without compromise. AgilePoint NX provides a best-in-class list of features and assets, enabling you to deliver any user experience you want. Whether you’re automating processes that will drive back office efficiency or building customer facing apps that have to be pixel perfect and simple to use, AgilePoint NX will empower you to do it incredibly fast.

Because AgilePoint NX forms are built using standard client-side technologies, they can be embedded in other applications that are also based on HTML5/JavaScript.

AgilePoint NX includes more than sixty control types (including Telerik controls) and allows you to configure them easily. You can embed business logic and rules for validating data input, including or excluding controls or displaying repeating controls for gathering information about items in lists.

AgilePoint NX forms can be extended with HTML5 and JavaScript. So, for rare instances when AgilePoint NX doesn’t have everything you need out of the box, you can extend your forms’ capability however you like using standard technologies.

AgilePoint NX allows you to amalgamate data from multiple sources on the same form.


Discover how committed we are to offering the most innovative low-to-no-code platform and true agile tool on the planet! Enabling any organization’s move towards truly future-proofing its digital transformation.



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A Business Process Management tool from AgilePoint works for Eneco.



Inge Van De Velde - Sales supervisor

Ricoh and AgilePoint, the ideal match for Business Process Management...



With AgilePoint we quickly and securely implement supporting business processes – with deep integration of existing IT Systems.

Build great back-ends to your business apps

AgilePoint NX is a process focused, low-code application platform-as-a-service (aPaaS). It allows (non-) programmers to quickly build, deploy and manage sophisticated forms, workflows and enterprise ready business applications in the cloud. AgilePoint NX is designed specifically to catalyze and facilitate digital transformation of today’s organizations. It enables anyone in an organization to assume the role of innovator. AgilePoint NX utilizes a declarative, point and click development environment. AgilePoint has one of the most powerful eform toolsets in the industry and allows for easy representation of data in charts and graphs. Software assets developed with AgilePoint NX are responsive to devices, orientations, browsers and changing business and technical requirements.

AgilePoint NX lets you visually compose sophisticated business apps by dragging and dropping components onto a canvas and then configuring their functionality. This approach allows you to build apps up to ten times faster than hand coding.

An advanced metadata-based, model driven architecture makes it possible to embed AgilePoint NX in a wide range of the most popular systems in use in today’s enterprise. These include Salesforce, SharePoint, Office 365, Dynamics CRM, NetSuite and many others.

AgilePoint NX utilizes a visual drag, drop and configure approach to assembling apps from 600+ prebuilt components and integrations with 50+ systems and cloud platforms. AgilePoint NX includes one of the most powerful eform builders in the industry. It has more than 65 form controls, a process modelling environment, a business rule builder and a data entity designer.

AgilePoint NX provides a list of prebuilt services, enabling you to develop powerful applications lighting fast. These services include an application services layer, a database layer and a web based, easy to configure, application development framework. This allows you to design and build sophisticated data models with complex workflow, reporting and a range of other prebuilt services.

AgilePoint NX is JavaScript, flash and Ajax compliant, having lists, forms, dialogues and all the navigation elements typically required by business apps. AgilePoint NX provides supporting layers for SOAP and RESTful web services, email and notification services.

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