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Talent Management: How to attract and retain your best hires

The need to attract, develop and retain individuals who are valuable to your organization is critical to both your own professional success and your companies success. However, certain pressures, some of which are out of your control, may make it hard for you to do this, resulting in the inability to recruit and retain good talent. Read more on talent management and how to streamline and digitize your HR processes.

Following are just a few of HR apps built with AgilePoint NX:

Performance Reviews

Automate performance review processes to reduce subjective and inconsistent evaluations and enable managers and employees to set and track performance objectives. Employees feel like their accomplishments are recognised and managers feel like reviews result in improved performance and a more motivated team.

Hiring Process

With AgilePoint NX, you can automate the entire hiring process, from application and CV screening to routing promising applicants to relevant managers and interview scheduling. You can even spin up a Chatter or Teams account for each open position, enabling team members to discuss each candidate in a secure, social environment.

Employee On-boarding

Automate your entire employee on-boarding/off-boarding process and eliminate duplication of entries in multiple systems. For example, a hiring event could trigger cascading events throughout the enterprise, from the contracts being sent out, Active Directory, email and Chatter accounts being created to the Training co-ordinator being notified and payroll system updated.

Payroll Processing

Eliminate payroll spreadsheets.  Create mobile timesheet apps with built-in approval workflows which update payroll submissions automatically.  You can even connect directly to Internet enabled employee time clocks (IoT) Payroll can be tightly integrated with other HR workflows.

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Increase control and visibility with real-time reporting

Tap into data and information generated in line-of-business systems across your organisation and leverage it into custom finance apps. Free this data to capture best practice, enforce procedures, support decision making and enable continuous improvement.

Here are just a few examples of the types of finance apps created with AgilePoint NX.

Invoice Processing

Automate your entire process, so invoices are routed to the right people and systems. Enforce correct invoice classification, payment, budget allocation and file all supporting documentation in your favourite document management system automatically, without having to type in the properties or indexing data.

Budgeting and Forecasting

Formalise budgeting and forecasting with apps that combine data from disparate systems into a single form or dashboard, providing budget stakeholders with the information they need to make better forecast and recommendations.

Expense claims

Automate the entire expense claims process, enabling employees to capture receipts in real time, categorise them, generate their own dashboards showing over/under amounts in easy-to-read charts, and submit with the touch of a button. Easy. Efficient. Cost effective.

Auditing and compliance

Facilitate audits with AgilePoint NX apps that provide visibility and full audit trails: evidence who did what, when and where in a few clicks.

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Quickly deliver both the simple solutions and mission-critical

Tasks your end users need, while keeping data secure and in compliance with company policies. Our customers tell us their IT department can’t come close to getting everyone what they need when they need it. AgilePoint NX allows IT to build new software assets up to ten times faster than they can by hand coding. And AgilePoint NX application models are easy to understand and easy to maintain.

Here are few examples of where and how AgilePoint can help:

Governed Citizen Development

With AgilePoint NX, you can automate the collateral processes triggered by the online sale of products and services, including status changes, fulfilment requirements, inventory updates, and new inventory purchasing. Your custom apps can notify finance and marketing and keep customers updated on order status.

Rapid Mobile App Development

AgilePoint NX allows you to quickly build enterprise class applications that will run seamlessly on mobile devices. AgilePoint’s eforms designer lets you create forms utilizing 60+ control types (including Telerik controls). You can even tailor your forms  to display different fields based on the device and layout (portrait or landscape) used.

Ecosystem Creation

Digital transformation involves building the infrastructure necessary to enable internal departments, supply chains, manufacturers, channel partners, systems, and applications to function together as a single digital ecosystem. This level of development requires a rapid-application-development platform that will allow IT to interlace line-of-business systems with custom workflows and business apps.


Operations is all about efficiency, cost reduction, risk mitigation and compliance. With AgilePoint NX’s robust BPM functionality and audit trail, you can implement best practices by building them into automated workflows, which can be monitored, measured, and improved over time.

Here are just a few examples of operations apps you can build with AgilePoint NX.

Contract Lifecycle Management and Service Level Management

Monitor contractual obligations and service level agreements of all parties involved and notify the right people at the right time when these are not met.

Inventory Management

Automate inventory management, enabling you to easily track and manage SKUs in real-time, which, in turn, allows you to better manage supply and predict demand.

Expenditure Management

With AgilePoint NX, build apps that enable you to better manage capital budgets and expenditures, representing critical data on dashboards and supporting layers of rule-driven management approval.

Risk Management and Compliance

AgilePoint NX allows you to automate critical processes, building in best practices and enforcing compliance with external laws and internal regulations. In the process, you can mitigate many types of risk at every level of your organization.

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Stormproofing Digital Transformation

The simultaneous convergence of several disruptive technologies has resulted in a sort of digital storm, which is causing organizational chaos. With legacy modernization, cloud-service adoption, and the deluge of new technologies that must be accounted for all hitting at once, how do you effectively transform while the storm is constantly re-arranging the IT topography? Read the full story now…


AgilePoint NX can simplify life for purchasing-department staff members by allowing them to define their own best practices and work patterns and then build them into automated workflows that track spend, speed approvals, monitor budgets, dramatically lower risk, and generally enable better decision making.

Here are just a few of the many purchasing-related use cases possible with AgilePoint NX:

E-Commerce Solutions

With AgilePoint NX you can automate the collateral processes triggered by the online sale of products, and services, such as status changes, fulfillment requirements, inventory updates, and new inventory purchasing. Your custom apps can notify finance and marketing, and keep customers updated on order status.

Inventory management

Your inventory management system tracks what you’ve got and where it’s located, but it may not let you track sales and help you predict future inventory needs. With AgilePoint NX, you can create real-time data dashboards and embed them in your inventory management system as well as systems used by your purchasing department, giving everyone a real-time view of what’s being sold, how much of any one product or material is available, and how much will be needed in the future.

Spend Management

AgilePoint NX allows you to amalgamate data from disparate systems across your enterprise on forms that are surfaced in any line-of-business system or on dashboards embedded in almost any system, whether on-premises or cloud-based. The result is that management has a 360° view of spend on a department by-department basis. Other AgilePoint apps can govern spend at every level of the organization, insuring that unauthorized expenditures never occur.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Day-by-day, hour-by-hour, account Reps are closing business and recording it in your CRM. With AgilePoint NX, you can create trigger apps that provide real-time updates throughout your enterprise of sales activities, including in your ERP system. Continuous updates enable your ERP system to make much more accurate forecasts of future needs.


While two distinctly different divisions within most companies, Sales and Marketing have to work together as one. Marketing lures prospects into the funnel, nurturing them until they can be handed off to Sales and then provides ongoing support interactions up to the point of sale and beyond.

AgilePoint NX allows you to automate the countless interactions that have to take place between Sales and Marketing. But more importantly, AgilePoint NX empowers you to incorporate all your other line-of-business systems into cascading, cause-and-effect apps that will ripple throughout your organization as statuses change, tasks are completed, contracts are signed, fulfilment processes are triggered and so on.

Here are just a few examples:

Fulfilment Cycle

With AgilePoint NX, you can automate your enterprise’s entire fulfilment cycle. An opportunity close in your CRM can in turn trigger any number of sub-processes, including notifications to various departments, updating of status in multiple systems, new accounts being created and so on.

Inventory Management

AgilePoint NX allows you to build apps that incorporate your CRM and inventory management systems, so that opportunity closure in your CRM triggers processes that include automatic adjustments to available inventory.

Customer Journey

AgilePoint NX allows you to embed dashboards in your CRM and other line-of-business systems. These dashboards allow stakeholders from various departments to monitor every aspect of customer journey, from pre-sales activity on through product usage, progress and even satisfaction.

Enterprise Resource Planning

AgilePoint NX allows you to automate critical processes, building in best practices and enforcing compliance with external laws and internal regulations. In the process, you can mitigate many types of risk at every level of your organization.


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