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Agile platform
for Citizen Developers

The AgilePoint NX platform empowers Business & IT-managers to build applications and improve processes, without being constrained by technology so they can finally be more responsive to market innovations! If you can dream it, you can build it...

<span>Agile platform</span> <br> for Citizen Developers


Our NX platform allows both the ‘technical’ as the ‘business’ users or so called citizen developers to build any kind of app, from simple to complex, without writing code. A citizen developer is a user who builds applications for consumption by others while following the development guidelines of IT. Unlike a professional developer, citizen developers may not have formal training in programming and developing may not be part of their actual job description. Our platform gives citizen developers the tools and the knowledge to embark on the digital challenges ahead and improve areas of business such as customer relationship management, internal operations and product development.

Empower Citizen Development

Citizen development is the start of true innovation. The NX platform allows citizen developers or any user to rapidly build, test and implement innovative applications while following the development guidelines of IT. Start making your business future-proof, start building with AgilePoint NX.

A low-to-no-code platform is what you need

Our platform comes with drag-and-drop interfaces for extremely rapid application development, without coding. Providing a WYSIWYG editor for developers and citizen developers, to quickly design customized workflows and functionalities.

Anyone can become a citizen developer

Anyone with good computer skills can become a citizen developer and learn and use AgilePoint NX. Most analysts agree that large-scale development initiatives should be governed by the IT department, which ensure optimal application architecture and interoperability.

Become an Agile organization

AgilePoint has the power to truly future-proof an organization’s move towards digital transformation and succeed in the current wave of digital disruption. Giving you the tools and the knowledge to embark on the digital challenges ahead. And becoming a true Digital Leader within your industry…

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Stop dreaming, start building your business application… Try AgilePoint NX today? Find out why Forrester Research named AgilePoint NX one of the top five low-code application-as-a-service platforms across all segments with a FREE 30-day trial.

The NX Platform Enables citizen development

The demand for low-code and no-code application development platforms, such as AgilePoint NX, is growing rapidly and becoming more popular with organizations - and with it rises the number of citizen developers- which are finding the ease of use, flexibility, workflow features and data integration capabilities indispensable. In other words, traditional software applications are facing stiff competition from more agile, workflow-capable, aPaaS-based (Application Platform-as-a-Service) low-code and no-code application development platforms...

Citizen development offers several benefits:


As we can all experience, the pace of digitization is picking up rapidly: market trends, new technologies, business environments and customer demands are changing faster than ever before… In this race to digitize, companies need to be more responsive to market innovation with Agile Business Applications. If businesses want to succeed in the current wave of digital disruption, they have to reinvent themselves quickly and creatively.


The best way to test your business ideas is to get them to market as quick as possible. Citizen developers don't wait for IT to approve apps, specs, screens, data access or anything else. They do the work and have the result right away. Citizen developers liberate your organization from the burden of custom application development and unleash the power of business innovation. This is what the NX platform enables.


We’re all Citizen Developers now. With the rise of aPaaS, it’s never been easier for business end-users to create their own IT solutions. Therefore IT saves money on developers when users in other departments build apps; it's a simple cost equation. AgilePoint NX is arguably the best value in the industry and provides a variety of flexible pricing plans that make it accessible to almost any organization.

AgilePoint NX: Re-Imagine Your Enterprise

AgilePoint NX is a future-proof, Digital Transformation aPaaS (Application Platform-as-a-Service) that combines the speed and agility of a leading Low-Code platform with enterprise-class BPM capabilities. AgilePoint NX empowers citizen developers to build any kind of app, from simple to complex, without writing code. We consider ourselves the world’s first truly future proof digital transformation platform. Our “build once and re-use many times” feature defines a new concept in application development. As an organization’s business needs to evolve during its digital transformation journey, the same critical business applications can adaptively evolve at the same pace.

Built For Digital Transformation

AgilePoint NX accelerates Digital Transformation by empowering both professional and citizen developers to rapidly create and easily maintain thousands of responsive, form-based, data-driven apps and automated processes for front-office and back-office operations.

Build Once, Use Anywhere

With AgilePoint NX’s unique architecture, organizations can embed and surface AgilePoint NX applications within virtually any web application or cloud service. In other words, AgilePoint NX lets you “build once and re-use virtually anywhere.”

Model-Driven Design & Execution

AgilePoint NX utilizes a true, model-driven architecture, meaning that the “App” you are building is an XML model that can be directly interpreted and executed by AgilePoint’s model-driven engine. This approach bypasses the code-generation-and-compilation process and enables your apps to keep working despite cloud-service updates and swap outs.

Drag & drop philosophy

AgilePoint NX utilizes a visual drag-drop-and-configure approach to assembling apps from 600+ pre-built components and integrations with 50+ systems and cloud platforms. AgilePoint NX includes one of the most powerful eform builders in the industry, having more than 65 form controls; a process-modelling environment, a business-rule builder and a data-entity designer.


Why write code? Accelerate your application development with our massive collection of prebuilt connectors. Featured Integrations for the Next Generation of Technologies —IoT, AI, and Business Applications

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